The Time Has Come

Awaken Your "Mother Spirit"

What does this date–December 21, 2012– mean to you?

What do these words mean to you?

What do these words mean to you? • The 13-moon/28-day Mayan calendar • Mother Spirit • Sacred geometry • Numerology • Harmony and balance • Moon cycles • Mother unification • Spiritual transformation • Rhythms in nature • 13:20 synchronicity • Spiritual cleansing

The end of the Mayan calendar is quickly approaching on December 21, 2012. 

 Ask yourself:

√ What will we see related to rhythms in nature, harmony and balance, as well as spiritual transformation and cleansing? 

√ How will the 13:20 synchronicity affect our lives, if at all.

√ What about moon cycle issues related to the 13-moon/28-day Mayan calendar?

√ Will we become more or less aware of the affects of numerology and sacred geometry?

Normally, I do not like fear tactics, but I have a very strong sense of urgency about the message in my ebook, Awaken Your Mother Spirit. Throughout my extensive studies in holistic medicine, I have recognized that within each of us is the amazing power of the human spirit. However, for some reason, every day we are relinquishing that power more and more and we must reclaim it.

After reading extensively in the areas of spirituality, I have a real mission to tell people things that are not being taught today how to connect with nature to achieve synchronicity. We need to understand why we're here, and how to get to where we need to be. I believe that awakening the Mother Spirit is the answer. Men and women need to reconcile their differences, and become more equal so the male dominance and its corresponding mentality that now rules the world is lessened, and the benefits received from the Mother Spirit to save the world and move it forward are increased.

In his book, Time and the Technosphere, Jose Arguelles, Ph.D., shares his great knowledge and understanding. His clear way of writing and delivering the message of the Maya calendar's natural timing frequency and the 13 moon/28-day Maya calendar is itself an example of how one can be in harmony with the universe.

Its important to spread his message to as many people as possible especially to mothers, because it is the motherhood aspect of humanity that can affect this crucial change Why? Because mother are the ones who have to change to the 13-moon/28-day Maya calendar. This is part of the female organism and her biological cycle, and she needs to teach her children. Even more than boys, her girls need to learn at an early age that this is part of their organism, exactly with the moon cycle, and become aware of the energy and order of numbers, in frequency of 13:20 synchronicity, and the natural rhythms of nature.

Arguelles book should be in every household so parents are able to teach their children about the natural cycles of timing frequency, allowing them to follow the cycles encoded in the Maya calendar. Many books are written on spirituality, but only a few stand out by teaching us something of value and the essence of truth. Anyone can find great benefit and spiritual inspiration by bringing their heart capacity of love and receptivity through affirmations and intentions to a higher level of awareness and a pure state of harmony. As a spiritual being, you must experience in the now about the true expansion of spiritual awareness.

In order to reach a heightened level of awareness and consciousness, you must be in synchrony with a calendar that corresponds with the universe so that you can get back to living in harmony with the natural cycles of the universe. As a direct experience, one needs to send positive affirmations and love. But first one needs to wake up one's body with the infinite love of the spirit.

When you read my ebook, you may think that perhaps I have overused the expression "We need to" but that's how I feel. As females, we need to tell other females, and especially our girl children, about our Mother Spirit how to awaken it and use it for the betterment of humankind.

Steps for Beginners

The Maya calendar ends on December 21, 2012 but its not the end of the world. Its about Mother unification and spiritual transformation, and getting in touch and staying connected with the rhythms in nature. Read my ebook for "STEPS FOR BEGINNERS."

Thank you for caring. Tina Lopez, author of Awaken Your Mother Spirit ebook.

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